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Solutions and services of luxurious interior furniture engineering that facilitate the way from design to implementation

3D Measurements

You need to produce wall claddings whose design relates to ceiling linings and which lead from the hallway to the staircase, but you do not know the exact dimensions and correlations between the two rooms.

We provide 3D measurements of even the largest buildings and spaces of complex shapes, always by taking into account the correlations between rooms. These are essential when the interior passes between rooms. Based on 3D measurements, we prepare a 3D model or a 2D plan.

3D Modelling

You have a carefully designed 2D plan in front of you, but the complex shapes of objects make it impossible for you to discern their dimensions.

With comprehensive 3D parametric modelling, we place the object in space, find construction solutions, determine mounts and joints, generate 3D or 2D specifications… In this way, we speed up the production and minimise the possibility of errors.


You want to prepare a visualisation that reflects the actual state of the facility and includes the technical and construction solutions of the equipment.

Visualisation enables a complete photorealistic rendering of the interior, which takes into account the actual dimensions of the space and all the implementing details. We provide the client with a complete rendering of the solution before the production itself.

Shop drawings

You lack in-house capacities to prepare the relevant shop documentation.

Individually prepared shop drawings is adapted to the needs of each individual contractor. The data are presented in a manner familiar to those involved in the production.

Laser 3D scanning

We have expanded our range of services with point cloud capture and BIM solutions.

We make sure that excellent interior designs convert into top implementation.

With advanced 3D LES CAD furniture engineering, clients can imagine the designed interior more easily than ever, and contractors are able to produce it quickly and efficiently. 



40+ projects

We implemented more than 40 successful projects on yachts: from bathrooms to corridors, cabins, salons… We helped place a stair stringer under the wrought metal fence of a 5-storey staircase.

Cruise ships

20+ projects

We are partners in the development of the interior of new cruise ships and in the renovation of interior solutions of existing vessels. We help with changing counter tops on ships, designing substructures of walls, ceilings, and furniture. 

Hotels and public areas

20+ projects

With 3D measurements and other interior furniture engineering, we made it easier for architects and contractors to furbish more than 20 hotels and public institutions in Slovenia and worldwide. 

Residential buildings

40 + projects

With 3D measurements, 3D modelling and visualisations, we contributed to a sophisticated interior of more than 40 residential buildings.

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Using 3D modelling and visualisations, we present all interior details that contribute significantly to the final look.

Residential buildings

Architectural solutions are placed in rooms based on precise 3D measurements and rendered with 3D modelling.

Hotels and public institutions

On luxury cruise ships, 3D measurements make it easier for us to replace complex elements of different shapes and cutouts, such as stone counter tops.